Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the treatment of muscular skeletal conditions using specific massage, deep tissue techniques and flexibility stretching. At Log House Clinic, our therapist John Kellys’ approach to muscular pain relief brings about balance between the musculo-skeletal system and the nervous system. Acute and chronic conditions can be treated ranging from sport injuries, muscle strain to full rehabilitation.

How does it work?

Physical Therapy enhances the function of joints, muscles and biomechanics (movement) as it releases endorphins which are the body’s own natural pain killers. By using deep tissue massage and a number of techniques including Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Positional Release, this therapy can speed recovery, reduce scar tissue and help return an injured area to its full functionality.

What conditions can Physical Therapy treat?

Some of the conditions successfully treated at Log House Clinic include:

  • Back Pain.

  • Neck Pain.

  • Shoulder Pain.

  • Hip Pain.

  • Knee Pain.

  • Foot Pain.

  • Scoliosis.

  • Whiplash.

  • Carpal Tunnel.

  • Sciatica.

  • Shin Splints.

  • Tendonitis.

  • Spasms.

  • Cramps.

  • Strains.

  • Postural Distortion.