The ‘fertile window’ of your cycle is the time period when a conception can occur and so is the time to have sex or to avoid for contraception purposes. This is a 7 day window around the day you ovulate. The general rule of thumb is 5 days before ovulation and two days after. The 2 days after ovulation is to allow for a month when your cycle may be a day or two longer, for example going from a 28 day to 30 day cycle, which is perfectly normal. However once ovulation occurs; your temperature peaks, cervical mucus thickens and the fertile window is now closed.

So how do you know the day you ovulate? The simplest way to identify is to count back 14 days from the last day in your cycle. For example if you have a 28 day cycle, you count back 14 days, ovulation would be on day 14. For a 32 day cycle this would be day 18. So the fertile window for a 28 day cycle would be day 9 – 16. For a 32 day cycle, the fertile window is day 13 – 20. These are the days to have sex to conceive.

To really fine tune it you also need to look out for signs of clear stretchy cervical mucus. Taking your temperature and charting it for two to three cycle is another great way to retrospectively identify your ovulation window. You should be able to clearly see the temperature shift up by ideally 0.4 degrees as you move into the second or luteal phase of your cycle. To determine the ovulation day you can look back to identify the previous 6 temperatures that are below the three higher temperatures after the shift.

Timing sex? While an egg that ovulates only lasts 12hrs before it dies off or is unable to be fertilized, healthy sperm can last 3 to 5 days in the tubes waiting for an egg to ovulate. So having sex every other day during the fertile window is enough to ensure a healthy looking sperm can meet a ripe health egg! Actually, having sex daily can dilute the semen so every second day is plentiful.

Acupuncture treatments are done according to the week or phase or your cycle to ensure that conditions are ripe for ovulation. During your first Acupuncture consultation with me Eva, we will go through the finer details according to your cycle and as well as easy  temperature charting instructions so as not to add any extra stress to your ovulation window!

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