Acupuncture and the Sports Person

I get great delight with my patients who come to clinic specifically for help with maintain and boosting their health and sports performance with Acupuncture, herbs and physical therapy work. The majority do seek some form of massage to help with muscle pain after an injury. However, preventatively using Acupuncture and herbs to boost your body’s recovery and muscle power, is very clever indeed.

There are now lots of studies done proving that it can improve and athletes ability to preform without side effects.

Often the athlete or long distance jogger works long hours, has a busy lifestyle with family and typically can fit ‘more in’ to their day the busier they are. Yes the trainging hours they put in help to clear the mind and destress the body but does it really? Have you ever heard the phrase, “everying in moderation”! In chinese medicine, the busier we are mentally and physically, the more depleted become those organs that create our basic energy, nourish our muscles and generate blood. So eventually you will notice your trainig stamina is depelted or you are more prone to injury.

You need to use Acupuncture and herbs as you NCT on your body and mind. This will support your training, prevent injury, support your immune system and give you that all round boost to support you when you are so busy.

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