Sinusitis and Acupuncture

Have you ever wondered about whether acupuncture can be used to treat sinusitis? Sinusitis, sinus congestion, asthma, and allergic symptoms as well as many other diseases can be helped by the use of acupuncture.

Sinus problems have risen dramatically in recent years, affecting some 25 % of the population. Symptoms are debilitating and often difficult to shift.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the sinus cavities, which are found around the eyes inside the skull. Both allergy and viral infections can trigger sinusitis and sinus headache, as well as exposure to directly irritating substances such as smoke and cosmetic fragrances.

Symptoms of allergy and hypersensitivity may affect the body in the sinuses, the airways, the mucous membranes, the lungs or the skin. Some individuals develop problems in all of these areas. Sinus symptoms may include sinus congestion, watery or sticky discharges, sinus pain, sinus headache and sinus pressure. Sinus inflammation can also trigger facial headaches as well as “migraine” type vascular headaches.

The use of acupuncture along with dietary therapy can be very helpful to reduce or eliminate the signs and symptoms of allergic and irritant sinusitis, sinus headache, sinus pain, and sinus congestion. Patients report that they become symptom free or use less medication.

The acupuncture treatments will be tailored to your individual pattern, taking into consideration all aspects of your condition. Then very fine (hair like) individually sterilised needles are gently inserted into various points on the body which will work to relieve the pressure, clear blockages and address the causes in your body, to stop reoccurrence of your sinusitis.

The next time you’re in pain and can’t breathe through your sinuses, treat it with acupuncture

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