Pain & Injury

Treatments for acute and chronic pain and sports injuries with traditional acupuncture, neuro frequency therapy, deep tissue massage and physical therapy

Pain Management

For many people, pain management is a constant never ending battle that can leave you feeling exhausted, emotional and helpless and affect your quality of life. For some, there is a reason for their pain but for others pain can present without any apparent cause.

At Log House Clinic, we have expertise in a range of therapies that allow us to effectively treat all levels of acute and chronic pain. From Sports Injuries to debilitating back pain, we are here to help you rehabilitate and become pain-free.

Our therapies include;

Traditional Acupuncture,
Distal Needling
Trigger Point Needling
Neuro Frequency Therapy
Tapping and strapping
Deep Tissue Massage
Physical Therapy,

Acupuncture is proven to be an effective and successful treatment in treating and controlling chronic pain and other pain syndromes such as headaches; menstrual cramps and low back, neck, or muscle pain. It has been validated in helping manage ongoing chronic pain such as arthritic pain, facial pain, pain from shingles, and spastic colon and colitis conditions.

For many ailments, we combine physical therapy techniques such as deep tissue muscle work with acupuncture for the ultimate treatment of your pain or injury.

Sports Injuries

More athletes are using acupuncture for both injury prevention and recovery

Sports Injuries

There is always someone coming in to Log House Clinic with different levels of sports injury.   Whether it is on a professional, competitive or amateur level,   people from all sports disciplines have discovered that incorporating regular use of traditional acupuncture and deep tissue massage into a training regimen, allows them to train harder, recover faster and increase their overall sports performance.

This is because quite simply acupuncture and physical therapy increases the body’s ability to heal faster, reduces pain and improves the body’s energy required for optimum performance.

For acute injuries, the earlier you come for treatment, the faster you recover.  Acupuncture and deep tissue massage leads to quicker mobilization and less risk of any condition becoming chronic. Therefore the acute conditions such as sprain, strain or stiffness can be resolved very fast without much loss of training time to the athlete.

Acupuncture treats not only the symptom of pain but also the root cause of these problems. This highlights its real strength.  It also helps prevent future injury by nourishing the tendons, ligaments and muscular system.  This is why more athletes are using acupuncture for both injury prevention and recovery.


  • Injury to hamstrings.

  • Calf pain.

  • knee, hip and shoulder pain.

  • Achilles tendonitis.

  • Plantar fasciitis.

  • Tennis elbow.

  • Groin pain.

  • Sprains, strains and swelling.

What our clients say

Had my first session today with John who made me feel relaxed and totally at ease. The work he did on me was first class and I can thoroughly recommend his services. John has been doing acupuncture for over 13 years and knew straight away where the pressure points were. The deep therapy sports massage combined with above has started to work its magic. I have been incapacitated of late with lower back pain/issues but already, after just one session, feeling the benefits. Can’t wait to get back next week for further treatment.

What a lovely fella.


A huge big thank you John for the treatment a few days ago & to Eva for setting it up. Definatly the best treatment iv had to date!! As a fellow therapist I set the bar high as I always need a lot of good strong work done & for the first time in a long time I found a therapist that did exactly that. I’m very much looking forward to the next session & feeling like a flexible human being again. It’s been too long lol. I felt such a big improvement after 1session that iv no doubt that after some more of the same i will feel like you’ve wound back the clock. Thank you so much.


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